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42" Clampless Starting Harness (Newer XP1, XP3)

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Clampless Starting Harness that connects directly to battery, so you can easily jump-start your automobile or truck without using MICRO-START clamps.

  • 42 inches long.
  • Works with NEWER models of XP-1 or XP-3 Micro-Starts.
  • Ring or Fork terminals connect directly to your battery.
  • Other end can plug into the Micro-Start’s jumpstart port.


Accessory for Micro-Start XP-1 or XP-3 (Newer models)

This is a 42-inch wire harness that connects directly to the battery (choose Ring or Fork terminals), and the other end can plug directly into the Micro-Start’s (or other similar products) Jump-Start port.

This “Longer Version” of the MICRO-START Clampless Harness (42″) was made so a driver can easily Energize, or Jump-Start their automobile or truck using just their Micro-Start unit itself, without using the Micro-Start clamps. This makes for quick and easy energizing to get into the vehicle, or to jump start the vehicle.

The advantage to not using Micro-Start Clamps is that it is more convenient, but also with the Harness being 42-inches long, it allows the user to route it to an area of the car so a Jump-Start or energizing of the Car can be done without opening the Hood or Trunk of the Car. For example many of today’s cars will completely shut down without battery power, and you cannot even open the hood or trunk if your battery goes dead. But you could route our Harness to an area just outside the vehicle’s trunk or hood area, and in the event you come back to a dead battery simply plug in a Micro-Start (or other similar product) to energize the vehicle and open the hood or trunk to access the battery, or just Jump Start the vehicle without even opening the hood.

Installing Clampless Starting Harness (Long)
Installing the Clampless Harness
Routing Clampless Starting Harness (Long)
Routing the Clampless Harness
Tucked Clampless Starting Harness (Long)
Tucked Clampless Harness

It takes only minutes to install and at 42″ is usually enough length to route to an area outside your car for easy access when needed.

Please note the MICRO-START should be removed from this Harness once car is started or energized. Do not leave the MICRO-START connected more than 3 minutes when Energizing; over-discharge may occur to MICRO-START. Do not leave MICRO-START connected more than 60 seconds after a jump-start; back-charge and damage to MICRO-START may occur.



  • XP-1 (New Design)
  • XP-3 (New Design)

XP-1 Micro-Start Power Supply & Jump-Starter XP-3 Micro-Start Power Supply & Jump-Starter


Please refer to the images below to see how the tips differ between the Starting Harnesses. The XP-10 harness connector is curved. The Old XP-3 and XP-1 harness tips are an EC5 connector. The New XP-3 and XP-1 have thermal protection and you can see the pin hole in its connector tip.

XP10 Harness Connector Tip

XP-10 & XP-10-HD

SPORT, XP5, Old XP1, Old XP3 Harness Connector Tip

SPORT, Older XP-3 & XP-1

New XP1, New XP3 Harness Connector Tip

New XP-3 & XP-1


  1. The MICRO-START is for Jump-Starting ONLY through the Jump-Start port!
  2. Never leave the Micro-Start connected to your vehicle’s battery for longer than 60 seconds, or use in place of your regular battery in your vehicle.
  3. Use only the provided chargers in the Micro-Start’s kit to charge the Micro-Start.

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